UX/UI Designer

UI Designs

Here is a concept for an e-commerce fashion app - Shiv. I tried to highlight the clothing with a minimal color palette and easy to follow navigation. Nothing should distract users from shopping their favorite pieces and completing a purchase.

Here is a clean, music player design concept I came up with. I chose a light and minimal design with a lot of white space, making it easy on the eyes and easy to use. I drew inspiration from Apple Music and Tidal.

Here is an app I designed for a client called "Vetgo". This app makes the experience of getting prescriptions easier for veterans by giving them the option to have their medication delivered to their home with a similar functionality to UberEats and DoorDash.

This is a set of on-boarding screens for an imaginary meal kit delivery service. I gave each bold color a touch of transparency to be calming to the user and ease color distractions.

"TunnelRat" is an app I designed for a client that notifies engineers of lines (electrical, phone etc.) that may be near where they are working. This app also has an augmented reality feature that allows users to view the location of the line in real-time using the street view of their map.

"Great work and was a pleasure working with Cierra. Very professional and met expected deadlines."
Project Manager